Recycled - Rebuilt Cyclops 26 "Road Bike 1990's Vintage in ST PETERS, New South Wales for sale

Recycled - Rebuilt Cyclops 26
Recycled - Rebuilt Cyclops 26
Recycled - Rebuilt Cyclops 26
Recycled - Rebuilt Cyclops 26

We are a Bicycle Shop .We specialise in Repairs and rebuilding Vintage Bikes.
This bike was reconstructed from 5 different bikes .
The Frame and wheels were saved from the tip and refurbished .
All other components are of other bicycles that have been wrecked for parts.
It is strong .Wheels only had surface rust which was treated and repainted.
Frame was shabby with lots of rust spots ,it had the rust treated and was touched up with spray paint.
Tyres and tubes were off another bike .Tyres are Whitewall and have plenty of distance left in them .
Seat was an old solid plastic model ,we added a padded seat cover to make it more comfortable.
The six speed gears are Reliable Shimano ,complete with a trigger shift.
Brakes are the old style and work well.Crank is the reliable Single Crank similar to what is used on BMX
It comes with a tool kit and a water bottle .We can fit a side stand at no extra charge if required
This bike is fun to ride .It has no problems you would expect of a bike of this age as it has been rebuilt and all components work.It has been test ridden .The tyres have held air since rebuild ,with no sign of leakage
We put 4 hours work into this project hence the price of $125.00
It will make an ideal city bike ,with its six speed gears and road tyres.
It is easy to ride and is fairly light for a geared steel frame bike.
If you like the idea of a fully recycled bicycle this is it.
Our shop is open Thu Fri Sat 10 to 5 PM
St Peters Cycle Works 138 Princes Highway St Peters